/  Manifesto

If you ever got to know a sailor, you might have been familiar with some emotions that others have not. If you were a son of a sailor, you wouldn’t wait for your father to have dinner, if you were the lover of a sailor, you couldn’t spend time with him as much as you would have liked to. Life is defined by arrivals and departures. You’d spend the days dreaming of coming together.


Captain, chief mate, deck cadet or boatswain, regardless of the rank, any close acquaintance of a sailor knows the meaning of longing. On the other hand, the pleasure of answering the question “what does your father do” is solely reserved for you. -My father is a captain. -My father is a sailor.


Although today’s technology reduces it, the feeling of despair and nostalgia of longing remains. We, as Lostromo Club, come from the time where these feelings are lessened; not by telephone calls, but by unexpected letters. Combining the magic of old letters and photographs with today’s apparel, we keep alive the memories of people unbeknownst to us. Come join us!

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